RHIC II Theory Initiative

Last update :  June 14,  2011

    RHIC II Theory Visitors
The goal of RHIC II theory initiative is to address problems in heavy ion theory that are vital for the future RHIC program. To address this goal a series of topical workshop and a visitor will be organized in a format that engages collaboration between practitioners of different subfields. It is anticipated that some of the informal collaboration initiated this way could become topical collaboration that are supported by ONP/DOE in the next round of call for proposal for such collaboration.
      Workshops 2011:
      Brookhaven Summer Program Quarkonium Production in Elementary and Heavy Ion Collisions ( June 6-18, 2011)
      Fluctuations and Correlations in RHIC low energy runs (October 3-5, 2011)
      Workshop on Thermal Photons and Dileptons (December 5-7, 2011)

      Related workshops :
      Workshop on Excited Hadronic States and the Deconfinement Transition
      ( February 23-25, 2011, JLab, sponsored by JLab, BNL and Duke University)
      Related past activity :

     The following on-line forums (wiki pages ) are available for interested researchers
      Collective flow: Initial Conditions, Hydrodynamics and Transport Models
      Hard and Electromagnetic Probes of QGP   
      (if you would like to contribute to these wiki pages please send an e-mail to petreczk AT bnl.gov for password )   
      Free software for useful for heavy ion phenomenology can be found at OSCAR website

e-mail to petreczk AT bnl.gov